She's never good enough.

"Everybody said she was a winner
No one knew the secret kept within her
Starving for perfection
Hating her reflection

She tries harder then the average teen
An overachiver with low self-esteem
Wants to walk like a star
But she takes it too far
She's never good enough
Wants to be Mary-Kate
Perfect weight, 88
She's never good enough

Now her friends all know about her problem
They all try their best to try to solve them
She feels like she's on trial
But she's still in denial"

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#1 - - Rebecca:

Fyfaaan, den där låten ger mig så många hemska minnen. Åt helvete med anorexia!

Svar: Åt HELVETE med anorexia.
Ellinor Åkeson